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Kathy Sparks

Kathy Sparks

Hi! Thank you for stopping in. I am one of the original VAs trained by AssistU! But then I’m dating myself. I’ve maintained a successful and extremely fun practice for several years, working from my home office. My clients are awesome – in fact I have three clients who I’ve been working with almost since I became a VA! I’ve worked with clients world-wide doing many varied projects, from managing the implementation of an online program, maintaining their online shoppingcart to helping someone find a job.

My background is in Information Technology, Market Research, Management, Programming, Administrative Assistance and Customer Service.

I’ve helped clients who are doctors, entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers, .com companies, travel agents, engineering, stock market professionals and so many more.

Working as a VA with these wonderful clients has been the highlight of my working career.

I look forward to many more years!

“I just took the assessment, ladies, and opted in. This is the first email I received – the system works beautifully, Kathy – well done!!”

More about how I can help you in your online business at Your Virtual Resource