You have worked your way through

The Virtual Assistant Training Guide


This isn’t the time to stop.


You’ve determined that you want to become a VA, you know that you have the expertise and the equipment, and I sincerely hope you have found your best methods to attract clients. You now need to constantly refer to this guide to continue sustaining and growing your practice.


We have found that clients come and go. It isn’t unusual to be working with a client one day and receiving an email the next telling you that the client’s business has changed and he/she will no longer need your services. It is extremely important to keep your network of people up to date and to continue to make contact with them. Let them know that you are around and that you are in business. It is much easier to get a referral from someone who you are in contact with than starting the networking process all over again. You don’t want to have the reputation of, “she contacted me after a year has gone by, she must need work.”


You have also begun to educate your network about your practice and the Virtual Assistant profession; don’t let your hard work get forgotten.


Building a fun and successful VA practice has been the most rewarding experience that I have had. I trust that you will be saying the same thing about your business. I also hope that this book has been a help to you. If you have any suggestions on improving this book please let me know. You may leave me a message at


Finally, if you feel that you need more guidance from a successful VA, contact me to discuss how I can help you get started.


Where to Learn More About VAing


Learn as much as you can to supplement this guide. Locate and visit web sites that focus on VA related issues such as:


How to Find & Work with a Virtual Assistant Successfully at Reading this book will show you what coaches ask and how the perceive working with VAs. This book will help you prepare for your interviews with potential clients.


AssistU at This organization is primarily for people currently enrolled in the Virtual Training Program and its alumni. It is a place for businesses, coaches, and entrepreneurs to seek virtual assistants. The training program offers certifications and a referral registry for VAs.


Your Virtual Resource at This site is filled with resources, links and ideas for promoting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. A good service if your VA practice will include promoting your clients. You will find tools for your practice, links to articles about VAing, and resources for doing VA tasks.


Specialist Virtual Assistants Club at Free to post your VA information. You may post your VA service here. This site includes other professional listings in addition to VAs.


Virtual at Post a job, look for jobs plus a multitude list of resources to help you in your VA practice.


International Association of Virtual Office Assistants at Membership fee is charged. You will receive their free e-book, listing and other benefits when becoming a member.


eWorkingWomen at Question and answers about VAing.


Business Services, Etc at
Join Erin’s Team of VAs!



Your Virtual Resource: Links, ideas and resources for your business and for promoting yourself, your business and your clients. Read the informative articles listed for additional information on VAing.


ProSiteSetup: Complete Internet Presence – Domain search, suggestions, registration, hosting, email and more. I’ve found that keeping this information at one location will save much time and effort remembering and keeping passwords, adding to your serves, etc. I recently had a client who had a domain set up by someone who didn’t remember anything about the hosting or the registration – it cost my client hours for me to research where here accounts were located and to be able to access them. Save time for you and your clients. One Stop Shopping!


Shopping Cart: You may not need a shopping cart now or ever, but your clients will if they have products to sell, newsletters to distribute, autoresponders to offer or want to set up an affiliate program. Again, this is a service that I use for most of my clients. Find more information at


Assessments for your Website or for your clients’ web sites. An easy to use and inexpensive solution to customize scoring assessments is available at


PayPal: This is an easy to use and inexpensive solution to receiving and sending money without the need to pay monthly fees for merchant accounts. More information can be found at: (scroll to the PayPal information area).


Be sure to check out how Aweber works with PayPal – when you only have a few products and use PayPal as your payment gateway – this is a perfect combination!


Automatic Timing: Simple and inexpensive solution to track your time…TraxTime at

I wish you all the luck and success in your new business.