Word Wrap Magic

Word Wrap Magic v.1.3

Do you send out text newsletters, broadcasts, autoresponders, and articles? If you don’t, you are not using the best ways available to promote yourself and your business.

If you do, you know that formatting for these publications can be tedious and time consuming. You also know that text email broadcasts should be 65 characters per line, right?

“OMG, this is a brilliant little program, why I never heard of it I don’t know 🙂 I’ve been struggling to get a tool like this for years, but always resorted to my tool inside ACCPOW, which only works in IE! 🙂 I LOVE YOURS!” ~~ Milana Leshinsky – Milana.com

“I use Word Wrap Magic to publish a bi-monthly newsletter. WWM works like a charm. Easy to use. Simple. Worth many more times than I paid for it. Thank you for such a great product and value.” ~~ Woody McMahon

“Yes, I have purchased this already. It saves a GREAT DEAL of time when I am trying to delete hundreds of carriage returns in an article so that I can format it to use in Microsoft Publisher or other programs. I need it to make a pdf and find this program invaluable! T. Shea

“This is just a note to say that I just bought ‘WordWrapMagic’ through PayPal.”

“After all these years of counting characters, I’m in an excellent position to appreciate it!”

“And, the best feature about this software is what I call its “Word De-Crapifier” — it completely strips the Microsoft Word formatting of dashes, quotation marks, and apostrophes that can show up in as alien characters in your email broadcast if not fixed.”

Have you ever sent out an email broadcast and one line was stretching way out beyond the rest of the text? Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Word Wrap Magic makes formatting newsletters, ezines, broadcasts and articles simple.

Recently I was told that if you are applying online for jobs and sending your resume copied from a Word document into a text box without first formatting it for the submission form, your resume may be getting thrown in the trash! Word Wrap Magic can fix the problem. Simply copy your Word resume document into the top box of Word Wrap Magic, go through the text and double space between paragraphs and bullets, set the line length to 65 and you have an acceptable document to submit.

Word Wrap Magic is a simple to use software that you install on your computer, have a handy icon on your desktop and be able to format your articles, newsletters, broadcasts, and resumes to whatever character length you wish. Here are just a few places where correct formatting is important. Formatting your newsletter text version for Ezine Manager Submitting articles to Yahoo! Groups Broadcasting messages to your list at 1shoppingcart, submitting your resume in text format Remove hard returns in a text document automatically!

Added feature you’ll love! I’m sure you know about how slanted quotes and single quotes translate from Word to text emails, right? Something like this:

Sounds of Spring: Did you know that birds make two different types of songs? One ‘song’ is a warning sound. It is flat, sharp and insistent. The other is it’s

Notice those strange characters I’ve bolded – those are quotes and single quotes translated incorrectly in a text newsletter. If you are not careful when creating and testing your text version of the newsletter, you might be sending this out.

Word Wrap Magic takes care of that problem for you! The program automatically makes all of the slanted quotes and single quotes into straight quotes – yes, one less thing for you to worry about!

Just enter your text in the top box, choose the characters per line you want, hit submit and you have it in the bottom box, ready for you to cut and paste into your document.

The web site is at www.wordwrapmagic.com

Special Article Recommendation – 9 Ways To Use Your Web Address in Stories

I want to share this article with you.

9 Ways to Sneak Your Website Address into Media Stories

Brought to you by Publicity Hound.

Partial Quote:

” 1. Tell them the name of your company is (fill in the blank).com.

Instead of identifying my company as The Publicity Hound, I’d say it’s PublicityHound.com.

2. Offer helpful tips.

Journalists love tips lists, like this one. But don’t stop there. Offer several tips on a topic, and then tell the journalist that readers can find 10 more tips on the same topic at your website.

3. Create a quiz.

It should tie into the topic of the article, or your expertise. A cardiologist might create one called “How much do you really know about heart disease?” Post the quiz at your website and suggest that the health reporter who’s interviewing you take it himself to see how much he knows.”

Read the entire article and the rest of the 9 tips – Click Here


How Automating Product Sales Works

Automate Your Product Sales – Training Video

Are you confused about how it all works together, where to start with your shopping cart, how to get all of that slick automation set up so that you don’t have to do anything but communicate with your prospects and customers?

I’ve created a video that steps you through that confusing process. I share:

  • The main ingredients for setting up your product sales
  • How it all flows
  • When to use autoresponders and broadcast messages
  • Creating videos
  • Free resources for Bridgelines
  • Upsells and Product Funnels
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Free downloadable PDF with all of the resource links
  • Inexpensive alternatives for popular programs

Watch this video to learn how it all fits together. When you are finished watching the video, you will have a better understanding about the online product sales process and how it can all work for you.

Click Here To Watch and if you have questions, be sure to contact me.

by Kathy Sparks

100% Web-Based Control Panel for All Your Business Needs

I have to tell you….I’m in the process of switching shopping carts! What a job, but, for less money and more features, it’s worth it. Check out what’s included below – you’ll be amazed that you can get what you need for your small business without the cost of a big system.

Whether you are a beginner, or advanced marketer, you know that the most important part of your success depends on how organized your online business is. In fact, it’s critical!

NetProSoft is not a complicated software, in fact you have nothing to download at all. This nifty new site is 100% web- based and contains the most essential and powerful tools to help your business grow to it’s maximum potential.

Imagine this, from one handy control panel, you’ll be managing numerous tasks that are crucial for your success. Check it out:

Your personal control panel will include:

– Fully Featured Website Manager
Use to create direct response websites & membership sites

I have not seen this in other shopping carts!

– Support Desk Manager
Easy to use customer support desk for you and your visitors

This is a WOW – imagine managing your very on support desk from one control panel – and it’s easy to set up.

– Newsletter Manager
Email your list of customers or prospects at any time

– Affiliate Program Manager
Build your own army of affiliates who promote your services

This comes with the package – most shopping carts upsell the Affiliate module for a high price.

– Product & Customer Manager
Sell unlimted products directly from your website

– Digital Product Download Protection
Protects your downloads

– Ad Tracking System
Know which advertising is pulling best results

Now, there’s simply not enough room to list all the features but, believe me, there’s so much more! Hurry over to check out my new Business Automation Center now!

NetProSoft automation tools have been in development for over three years, and whenever another feature comes available, we add it to help you even further!

Listen, you’ve worked hard… now how about work smarter, not harder? This is perfect for the small online business who wants it all, but does not want to pay the price.

To your success,

Your Virtual Resource

PS: Did I mention free support – many shoppingcart systems are now charging for support sessions.