Social Media Minute – Tell me again, why am I doing social media?

Posted by my friend, Kristy Schnabel, Cer­ti­fied Social Media Man­ager with the Social Media Man­ager School. Kristy works with entrepreneurs to boost their online businesses. Kristy is the founder of It’s Virtually Done.


Maybe you’re questioning the value of your social media in your business planning. You might ask yourself,

“Why am I doing social media again?”

 Answer: to show up.





Woody’s right. It’s the no-shows that fall by the wayside. You need to be in front of people for them to remember you and the help you offer.

But you want more than that — you want to know HOW to show up, which brings me to my:

 6 B’s of Social Media

  1.      Be clear on your message. Know your brand — what it is you’re known for — and deliver that message consistently.
  2.      Be aware of your ideal client’s needs. How can you make their life easier?
  3.      Be yourself. You want to be an integral part of your social media to bring your unique personal self to your audience. This creates relationships.
  4.      Be helpful. Bring value by giving your audience a ton of helpful information, which incidentally, will build their trust.
  5.      Be gracious. Read, like, comment on other people’s posts, and give credit where it’s due by sharing and tagging them when you share their content.
  6.      Be consistent. Schedule time for your social media as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

That’s your base (another B), and from there you build (okay, now I have too many) your content and share it around driving traffic to your website where people can connect with you further (and buy your stuff!).

I’m socially yours!


Simple assessments are a powerful tool to attract clients

Create Your Own Assessments to Attract More Clients

If you think assessments should only be used with existing clients, you may be in for a surprise! Assessments can also be effectively used in building your prospect database and attracting more new clients, right from your web site and your social media accounts.

Why are assessments so powerful?

Because they captivate and educate your prospects, and are fun to take!

I have personally received at least fifty e-mails from friends and colleagues last year, referring me to various self-assessment web sites! I could find out what my IQ was, what type of personality I have, if I’m a good candidate to be a franchisee or whether business ownership is for me, what career I’m most suited for, just to name a few.

c30ae449b5fed2b8ba38a535_1920Imagine hundreds or thousands of people sending their friends and relatives to your web site or sharing your assessment with their social media contacts! Nothing else will make people spread the word about your web site faster than a free assessment!

While many coaches and consultants already have assessments on their web sites, most of them are offered in PDF or Microsoft Word format. So the only way to complete these assessments is to print them out and manually fill in the blanks. Just imagine automating your career assessments or automatically score your skills assessments!

Your existing clients won’t mind doing it, but your prospects may think it’s too much of a hassle. Keeping this in mind, I developed a tool that instantly solves this problem! allows you to create automated self-scoring assessments, which you can add to your web site, link in your email signature line, send to your social media contacts in just minutes!

Now, we’re not talking about a complicated assessment that takes an hour to complete. The ones you create with the Assessment Generator are simple and straight-forward. Their goal is to captivate your prospects, and get them excited about your web site and your offer enough to buy from you!

There are two types of assessments, which you can create with Assessment Generator: assessment scored as one or “type-based” scored by individual categories or types that you set up such as a personality quiz.

Self-scoring assessments are fun, and are excellent for driving targeted traffic to your web site. People love them so much, they’ll send everyone they know to your web site!

Here is how a self-scoring assessment works. Your web site visitors read each statement and check those that apply to them. They can also rank each statement on a scale of one to five, to indicate how much they agree with a statement.

For example, here are a few statements from the “Marketing-Wise Assessment”, which you can see on the samples page at

• I track most of my marketing activities & know how my clients find me

• I publish a newsletter at least once a month

• My prospects clearly understand what I do and how I can help them

Here are few more statements, taken from the “Stress-Level Quiz”:

• I smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes a day

• I do something for fun at least once a week

• I have at least one relative within 50 miles on whom I can rely

After they’ve completed an assessment, your prospects can view their score and its interpretation, which you type in when you create the assessment. The results are then e-mailed to both you and the assessment taker. If you use autoresponders, you can also follow up with each prospect as many times as you wish, until they become a client.

The possibilities for using self-scoring assessments are endless! Here are just a few topics to get your imagination going:

1) “Self-Confidence Assessment” will help your visitors find out what their level of self-confidence is, and what they can do to improve it.

2) “Midlife Crisis Assessment” will tell your prospects if they’re really going through a mid-life crisis, and how they can overcome it.

3) “Healthy Eater Assessment” will help people understand their eating habits better, and whether or not they need to make a change in their eating patterns.

4) “Should I Hire a Web Designer Assessment” will help your visitors make a decision about their abilities to create and take care of a web site.

5) “How Child-Proof is My Home Assessment” will tell parents how ready they are for a child in their house, and how to keep their child safe.

P.S. You can get my free list of 200 ideas for using assessments in your business right now by visiting

As you can see, a self-scoring assessment can be created for ANY type of business, on any topic. Another type of an assessment you can create is “Narrative”. You ask questions, prospects fill in the answers, and you receive them in the e-mail and in your personal account.

While a narrative assessment works just like any feedback form, there is an incredible benefit to creating them with Assessment Generator. They are so easy to create and add to your web site, you can do it yourself within 5 minutes! Webmasters will charge you as much as $150 to add a questionnaire form to your site. With Assessment Generator you can create as many mail forms as you want, using this simple assessment wizard. And if you decide something needs to be changed on your form or assessment, you just log into your account, make the quick change and wa-la – it is dynamically updated – no need to add the whole form or assessment to your website – no need to contact your web master. Saves money and time!

Just click on “Free Test Drive” and see for yourself – you’ll use them for everything! Seminar registrations, customer surveys, free consultation requests, complementary coaching sessions, webinar invitations, teleseminar invitations and much much more!

More on giving away too much of your time

Career coaches – are you spending too much time giving away your time FOR FREE?

The client paid for a specific amount of time with you and you can ill-afford to start giving away your time – remember the next paying client is waiting to hear from you.

How to handle a difficult paying client.

  1. First and foremost, keep track of the time you started talking/working on this client’s issue.
  2. When their time is up, let them know that you are running out of time.
  3. A few minutes later, say “I have to stop the recording now.”

If you are spending too much time trying to help someone who is not responsive or receptive to change, YOU ARE wasting your time.

Give what you can, sum up what you think he or she should do next and send him an action plan. If you offer additional hours for a set price, send a followup message with the order link for more hours.

Remember, we can’t win them all and we will run into these situations from time to time.

From Interview Coach, Carole Martin
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What is an “Ideavirus?” Does your product or service qualify?

Is Your Product or Service an “Ideavirus?”

“Unleashing the Ideavirus” by Seth Godin is one of the most important books on business and marketing. It is not about finding the right marketing strategies, or knowing the right places to advertise in.

It’s about creating a remarkable product with marketing built right into the product!

The concept behind Ideavirus is NOT making as much money as you can with your product right away – a different strategy would need to be in place for this.

The concept is3D-Women-Run-04 to spread the word about your product or service to as many people in the world as possible, then leverage your audience by selling a paid version of this product or a completely different product.

For example, WinZip used to offer a free version of their file compression software for years.  Last month I checked their site, and the free version is no longer available. But guess what!  This program has become so popular among Windows users, it’s almost a standard!  Who cares about paying $30 for it now, if you “can’t live” without it!

The same is happening to many other products, and the Internet is making things happen so much faster and easier today.  It “amplifies” the word-of-mouth by thousands! Just think about your contacts’ contacts on Facebook!

Do you have a product or service that’s an ideavirus?  Could it become one with a few tweaks?

Use the online assessment to get your score:
Check each box that truthfully applies to you, and find out whether your product or service has a potential of being an “Ideavirus.”

P.S. If you want to learn more about what “hive”, “sneezers” and “amplifier” mean to your business, read the book!

How Much Time Does “It” Take?

Guilty of Making Assumptions About How Much Time
It Takes To…?


“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year — and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” Anthony Robbins

BecomeAVAWe’ve all been guilty of second guessing how much time it should take for someone to complete a task, start a project, do the shopping, fix the car and so on. We do it in our daily lives, at work and at home, when we’re shopping and even when we are eating. We even second guess how long it takes to boil a pot of water!

Working in a virtual business partnership presents daily opportunities to second guess the amount of time needed for our partner to complete a project or get back on an issue or respond to an email or to type the document. Remember, just because one partner is working on the project, doesn’t mean that the other partner must be working on it at the same time. Schedules and priorities are different.

Avoiding second guessing will save a lot of worry and perhaps needless anger. There are as many reasons as there are personalities for one person to complete a task at a different speed than another. One person may be an expert and has done the task over and over creating an efficient routine. Handing the same task off to your VBP (virtual business partner) doesn’t mean your partner has the same expertise nor has she/he developed the routine. Although your virtual partner may know the software, the content and approach will be new. It will take your partner time to gain the same expertise. Something as simple as setting up a spreadsheet format and getting the software to do what you want may be a factor. Delays in receiving content for a project could be the result of extra time needed for thorough and complete research on the subject, others supplying parts of the project, scheduling, or editing and so on.

The worst kind of second guessing is when one person goes through the process of doing a task in his/her mind and thinks, oh, that shouldn’t take much time at all. Well, let’s see, our mind thinks at lightning speed. Try going through the task in real life…did it take a little longer? Probably.

Even though we all think at lightning speed, we all work at different speeds for different tasks, and performing the task physically is a whole different story. I type at lightning speed, but for the life of me I can’t use a 10-key by touch.

We should stop and consider that people work at different speeds and that your virtual business partner will do some tasks faster than you and perhaps other tasks slower. Ultimately you must feel confident that your business partner is working professionally, diligently and competently on your projects. That trust is essential to a successful virtual business relationship. It doesn’t hurt to send off a quick email if there seems to be delays or perceived delays…yes, back to why it is possible to work virtually…communication.

The next time you catch yourself wondering why it’s taking sooooo long, consider:

  • Does your business partner speed read?
  • Is this project high priority?
  • Have I sent / have I received all of the necessary information?
  • Is the software new?
  • Does your business partner have the same expertise as you? I hope not…that’s one of the reasons you are business partners!
  • What kind of problems can arise? Is it being edited by someone else.
  • What are the details I’m not thinking about that are involved in the project.
  • Is it an unfamiliar subject or special research?
  • Have I sent an email to ask?

Next time you start to say something like, “well I could have done that in….” or “that sure took a long time” please consider the person receiving the comment – it’ll just bring up an uncomfortable situation. You can say something like, “that took a little longer than I expected, did you run into any problems?”

Word Wrap Magic

Word Wrap Magic v.1.3

Do you send out text newsletters, broadcasts, autoresponders, and articles? If you don’t, you are not using the best ways available to promote yourself and your business.

If you do, you know that formatting for these publications can be tedious and time consuming. You also know that text email broadcasts should be 65 characters per line, right?

“OMG, this is a brilliant little program, why I never heard of it I don’t know 🙂 I’ve been struggling to get a tool like this for years, but always resorted to my tool inside ACCPOW, which only works in IE! 🙂 I LOVE YOURS!” ~~ Milana Leshinsky –

“I use Word Wrap Magic to publish a bi-monthly newsletter. WWM works like a charm. Easy to use. Simple. Worth many more times than I paid for it. Thank you for such a great product and value.” ~~ Woody McMahon

“Yes, I have purchased this already. It saves a GREAT DEAL of time when I am trying to delete hundreds of carriage returns in an article so that I can format it to use in Microsoft Publisher or other programs. I need it to make a pdf and find this program invaluable! T. Shea

“This is just a note to say that I just bought ‘WordWrapMagic’ through PayPal.”

“After all these years of counting characters, I’m in an excellent position to appreciate it!”

“And, the best feature about this software is what I call its “Word De-Crapifier” — it completely strips the Microsoft Word formatting of dashes, quotation marks, and apostrophes that can show up in as alien characters in your email broadcast if not fixed.”

Have you ever sent out an email broadcast and one line was stretching way out beyond the rest of the text? Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Word Wrap Magic makes formatting newsletters, ezines, broadcasts and articles simple.

Recently I was told that if you are applying online for jobs and sending your resume copied from a Word document into a text box without first formatting it for the submission form, your resume may be getting thrown in the trash! Word Wrap Magic can fix the problem. Simply copy your Word resume document into the top box of Word Wrap Magic, go through the text and double space between paragraphs and bullets, set the line length to 65 and you have an acceptable document to submit.

Word Wrap Magic is a simple to use software that you install on your computer, have a handy icon on your desktop and be able to format your articles, newsletters, broadcasts, and resumes to whatever character length you wish. Here are just a few places where correct formatting is important. Formatting your newsletter text version for Ezine Manager Submitting articles to Yahoo! Groups Broadcasting messages to your list at 1shoppingcart, submitting your resume in text format Remove hard returns in a text document automatically!

Added feature you’ll love! I’m sure you know about how slanted quotes and single quotes translate from Word to text emails, right? Something like this:

Sounds of Spring: Did you know that birds make two different types of songs? One ‘song’ is a warning sound. It is flat, sharp and insistent. The other is it’s

Notice those strange characters I’ve bolded – those are quotes and single quotes translated incorrectly in a text newsletter. If you are not careful when creating and testing your text version of the newsletter, you might be sending this out.

Word Wrap Magic takes care of that problem for you! The program automatically makes all of the slanted quotes and single quotes into straight quotes – yes, one less thing for you to worry about!

Just enter your text in the top box, choose the characters per line you want, hit submit and you have it in the bottom box, ready for you to cut and paste into your document.

The web site is at