Partner with a VA

Dear Coach and Entrepreneur,

Have you tried working with a VA and it didn’t work out?

Are you skeptical about how a virtual partnership can work?

Did you know that having a VA will give the impression that your organization is large, well run and organized – it’s amazing!

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you’ll want to know the facts; you’ll want to read the transcript about how a successful partnership works, tips and ways to work effectively with Your VA!

Be informed about working with a Virtual Assistant
before you interview and partner with a VA.

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  • find out how to find a virtual assistant
  • learn how to interview for a VA and what questions you should be asking
  • find out how a VA runs her/his business and why it is a good thing for you
  • learn how to use your time efficiently when working with a VA
  • understand what a VA needs and expects of a client
  • that a VA becomes the #1 supporter and cheerleader for your business
  • understand better the costs of partnering with a Virtual Assistant

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