Imagine Your VA Practice

Grab a piece of paper and jot down a few items that come to mind. Or better yet, since you are going to be a VA, jot your ideas using your word processor.


Imagine how you want your VA practice to look.

Imagine how your office will look.

Imagine what kind of equipment you will have.

Imagine who you will be partnering with.

Will you want a few clients working many hours or many clients working for each only a few hours; or a mix, or does it matter?

This is important. If we work with only a few people for many hours, it can become routine. Are you the type of person who likes routine? Do you need direction for every task? On the other hand working with a few clients can give you the advantage of really knowing your client and understanding their business. This leaves you exposed to a client who you may have been working with for several hours a month emailing you one day and telling you he or she needs to cut the hours. You then need to find another client to make up those hours. You can also work on a Team of VAs doing only your specialty.

If you choose to work with many people only a few hours each, you need to be extremely flexible in regard to tasks, people, your clients’ clients and so on.

Working a few hours for many clients leaves you open to limiting the amount of work you can do for a client and the flexibility of doing those tasks. This type of arrangement often turns into project work. An arrangement such as this is not conducive to grasping the client’s total business and helping with their total business goals.

Will your clients all come from the same niche? Or will they come from different backgrounds? This too can be important. If you choose to work only for coaches, the things you learn and do for one can easily be applied to the other coaches making your time efficient for all of your clients. The tasks will be very similar. If you choose to work for people with different backgrounds, it makes tasks interesting, however, again, you need to be extremely flexible and you need to keep abreast of a wide variety of technology.

What types of backgrounds do you think you can attract, why? What is your expertise?

Do you love new challenges, or are you more comfortable with routine?

How many hours per week would you like to be working? Don’t forget, you may want a 40-hour week, but you must still maintain your business. That’s bookkeeping, marketing yourself, emails, keeping up on the latest technology etc. And that’s on your time. Remember, as an employee you get paid for breaks, talking with others and making phone calls. Not so when you are a Virtual Assistant. You “‘punch-in” when you start working on a client’s project and you “‘punch-out” when you finish. And it is not fair or ethical to your client to be taking a coffee break on their time.

Take a look at your personal life…are you ready for the many hours of working alone?

Ask yourself: why would VAing be good for me?

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