Helping Others Understand the VA Concept

The language of VAing is still Greek to many people. We need to be patient and help people to understand the VA concept…saying it straight, eliminating unnecessary jargon and being heard crystal clear. Sharing the language of VAing with your prospects and clients gives them and the VA process the gifts of meaning and structure.


Design Your Own Flyer, Brochure or Postcard – if you’ve already designed one, get it out and reconsider what you’ve designed.


Ask several people to explain back to you what they think VAing is based on your description, your flyer, your brochure and your postcard. Have them look at your web site and ask them if they understand what you are doing. If they do not, you will need to create a clearer view of being a Virtual Assistant.


Help to Understand What VAing is About?

  •  A professional providing services to another professional
  •  Obtaining results and making your client amore productive
  •  Increasing the bottom line for you and your client
  • Moving the client’s business forward (their objectives become your objectives)
  • Developing strengths and skills
  • Making your client look and feel good
  • Being proactive


How Do VA s Help Clients?

  • Focus their energies on their core business
  • Encourage delegation
  • By giving technical support
  • By being a sounding board
  • By providing ideas
  • By bringing another set of skills into their business
  • Create strategies
  • Work out a time line for projects

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