How To Find and Work With a Virtual Assistant

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Dear Coach and Entrepreneur,

Have you tried working with a VA and it didn’t work out?

Are you skeptical about how a virtual partnership can work?

Did you know that having a VA will give the impression that your organization is large, well run and organized – it’s amazing!

Be informed about working with a Virtual Assistant

before you interview and partner with a VA.


If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you’ll want to know the facts;
you’ll want to read the transcript about how a successful partnership works, tips and
ways to work effectively with Your VA!


Exclusive Interviews with professional virtual assistants and the
How’s and Why’s of Hiring and Working with a Virtual Assistant

“Imagine having the ultimate business partner who supports you in all your ventures, does all the work you don’t like doing, and is your best friend and confidante!”  ~~ Milana Leshinsky

Created by a real-life team – Milana Leshinsky (“coach”) and Kathy Sparks (“coaching business manager”) – this program will reveal to you the insider tips and secrets of how this relationship works and prospers!


If you’ve found this page, you most likely know what a Virtual Assistant is, but do you know all of the benefits of partnering with a VA?

“All of your needs can be handled by your VA. And I mean that quite literally. She can either personally do what you need or she can make it happen. This is critical to realize because most people think I need to find a VA that can do everything that I need.”  ~~ Stacy Brice, CEO AssistU

This E-Book, written by Milana Leshinsky, owner of JV Insider and Kathy Sparks, Your Virtual Resource, tells you the whole story with exclusive interviews and years of experience. After reading this 67 page book filled with all the details of partnering and working with a virtual assistant, you will:

  • know if it’s time for your to partner with a Virtual Assistant
  • understand better what a virtual assistant business partnership is
  • learn why it works
  • find out how the relationship grows and why
  • learn why it is important to have a long term relationship with your VA
  • find out how to find a virtual assistant
  • learn how to interview for a VA and what questions you should be asking
  • find out how a VA runs her/his business and why it is a good thing for you
  • understand better the costs of partnering with a Virtual Assistant
  • learn how to use your time efficiently when working with a VA
  • understand what a VA needs and expects of a client
  • that a VA becomes the #1 supporter and cheerleader for your business

You get the complete E-Book including the exclusive Interview with Stacy Brice transcribed for you to read plus lots more!

“In my opinion, what makes a person a VA isn’t that the services can be performed at a distance, but rather that the services that are performed are administrative in scale and scope and that they are provided with the desire to support the client across the board. Not just with one specific function or task no matter how on going that will be.” ~~ Stacy Brice, CEO AssistU

This is a two-sided relationship. You will want to go into the relationship fully aware of the expectations of you as a client and you need to be clear about what your expectations of the VA are BEFORE you begin to seek out and interview potential partners for your business.

“I feel very lucky, I’ve found both of my assistants by referral. One was recommended to me by a client that I used to coach or that I still coach and the other one came from a colleague and both came highly recommended and I love them both and I fully and 100% trust them. I could trust them with my kids, my keys, my bank account, whatever.” ~~ Milana Leshnisky, Owner,  Coaching Millions & JV Insider

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You won’t want to face these problems:

  • An uninformed choice resulting in a bad relationship
  • The insight alone from Stacy Brice, President of AssistU, the premier virtual assistant training organization is worth 10 times the cost of this book
  • If you don’t have this book, you’ll spend hours reading a hundred web sites with information scattered here and there and maybe you’ll get it all or maybe not – what is your time worth?
  • If you don’t have this product your first attempt at working with a VA may be a disaster for several reasons
  • Don’t embarrass yourself with unreasonable payment negotiations
  • Although VAs generally are very easy to talk with and will answer all of your questions, you don’t want to begin interviewing without knowing at least the basics.
  • The products has lists of potential projects and jobs that VAs can do….do you know what your list is?
  • If you don’t read this, you’ll never know the inside comments of complaints about clients from VAs
  • Be ready for the interview by knowing the requirements, the options and the expectations
  • Be sure you know how the relationship works before beginning
  • What is a virtual assistant relationship? or a virtual business partnership – is it money related?

“Trust: Firm reliance in the honesty, dependability, strength, or character of someone or something. “I cannot express strongly enough how important it is to begin and base a virtual business partnership on trust. And don’t forget, trust is a two-way street. Gaining trust in a virtual business relationship can be one of the most difficult steps yet the most important step in creating a successful partnership.” ~~Kathy Sparks, Your Virtual Resource

If you are serious about working with a VA,  this E-Book will save you countless hours trying to figure out the how’s, why’s, when’s and what if’s of bringing a Virtual Assistant into your business.

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Once you have downloaded this book, if you have questions in relation to finding or working with your Virtual Assistant, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

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