As you get comfortable in your new business, you must continue to work on your business.

  • Take more and more chances in your verbal suggestions to enhance your client’s confidence in your ability.


  • Ask clients to offload more and more tasks.


  • All things are a “go” with your VA partnership as long as your client trusts you, responding to your ideas, trying new ways and experimenting to see how together you can make their business better. You can assist this growth process by giving your clients a wonderfully positive and dynamic confidence in your abilities. Clients love to know they can hand off a task and know it is being taken care of by “their” VA! What’s better is if the task is done ahead of schedule.

That’s what I like about you, I hand you the ball and you not only run with it, you make a touchdown.”


This is a comment made recently to me by one of my clients.


It’s Good to Share, But Don’t Give It All Away


While marketing your professional service, it is a good idea to give your “target market” ways in which to experience you before they make a buying decision.


Consider sharing:


  • a 30 minute consultation or meeting and give away some of your ideas for projects your prospect has in mind
  •  suggest a free subscription to your favorite newsletter – you set it up for him/her
  •  how you have provided a solution to a problem of a previous employer or client


Other Ways of Giving Away Your Expertise


Prospects will want to partner with you because they sense that you have even more inside of you and more information to share than what you are initially giving away for free. People love to get things for free.


Having said that, there are things you can’t give away without being taken advantage of. Even nice people of high integrity will keep coming back to you for more free stuff if you don’t draw the line. Why should people hire you, stay with you, and pay you if you are giving away too much?


Do not share:


  • All of the details about exactly how to get the project finished
  • A commitment of time to complete a project
  •  Ongoing phone calls and interviews for free
  •  Original materials that are your own intellectual property unless you are using it to promote yourself
  •  Services that require more of your time than the initial “introductory” experience


Your instincts will tell you when you’re giving away too much. They’ll also tell you when you are attracting more and more people and prospects to your circle of influence.


Giving Away Your Expertise


There is a Law of the Universe that says, “You cannot give away more than you receive.” When you give prospects a sample of what you do and what you know, you give them reasons to want to partner with you. They want to know more. They want to have someone who is confident enough to share their expertise without being threatened in their business. The more you give, the more you will attract.


You can give by:


  • Being involved in an online community  – social networking
  •  Speaking to groups about what you do
  •  Writing articles, creating a newsletter
  •  Company involvement
  • Community involvement
  •  Having an Internet presence, a domain name representing your practice and a web site.
  •  Writing a book, even a small how-to book, or an e-book
  •  Becoming an expert to the media
  •  Appearing on radio talk shows
  •  Doing television interviews
  •  And, yes, talk, talk, talk about what you are doing!


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