Always observe your surroundings and find places to share your story.

Work on the many ways to put yourself in front of your prospects by getting out and getting noticed. If you start now, you can more than quadruple the number of people who are aware of your services in less than a year. Begin thinking “out of the box” about how to and where to share your story. There is much value in speaking in public, joining groups and establishing a contact data base, and, of course, use social media.


Send a Warm Letter


Send a letter out to contacts that you already know. Follow up in one week with a phone call and invite people to join you for a conversation about your services. Below are two sample letter ideas. Once you have been in practice a few months, write an ‘update letter’ of how your practice has grown or new services that you provide.


It’s best to put these letters together using your own words so that you can verbally give a feel of your personality. A big key to a successful VA partnership is a good rapport. Good rapport begins by understanding each others personality. I’ve only provided ideas here. You need to fill in the blanks. These people want to know you, not me!!

Warm Letter Example #1


Paragraph 1: Explain why you are sending the letter. I am sending you this letter….. Why are you qualified? What skills and background do you think enabled you to begin a VA practice?


Paragraph 2: What is VAing? How does a VA help or assist clients? How will it help a client, his/her business and/or life? How does your partnership work? How do you get tasks assigned to you? What makes a good partnership. Is it temporary or ongoing? How else can a VA help? Maybe by listening, giving ideas and referrals.


Paragraph 3: My specialties include:


  • Internet research
  • Maintaining large databases
  • Creating presentations
  • Promoting business via the Internet
  • Scheduling teleseminars
  • Creating E-books


Paragraph 4: Why are you writing this letter? (Obviously to see if this person knows someone or if this person, perhaps, would benefit from a VA partnership). What do you want to happen if the person knows someone? Feel free to call with questions. I can be reached at (720) 230-2120.




Your Name

Your Title




Warm Letter Example #2


Paragraph #1: Why are you sending the letter? What are you doing currently? Where are you in building your practice? Don’t share how many clients you currently have, but maybe tell them you are expanding your practice with the types of people/businesses you would like to attract. Ask for this person’s support in developing your practice.


Paragraph #2: What is Virtual Assistance? How long has it been a business? Are you a professional? What kind of relationship is this? What kind of support do you provide? This is a good place to explain that a VA doesn’t need to be physically there.


Paragraph #3: What kind of businesses make good partnerships? And why?  VAs can provide administrative support because … they have unique set of skills, are specifically skilled in administrative support. What does a client gain by partnering with a VA? Business owners don’t have to have physical space for a VA to work in, equipment for a VA to use, or deal with payroll, or taxes or benefits. All the benefits and none of the hassle! What could be better?


Paragraph #4: Explain the dynamics of communication via phone, email and fax and why this can be a powerful relationship. Working with a VA is a great way for a successful individual to: (add your own creative ideas here)


  • Have more time to focus on the things that really need his/her attention.
  • Delegate, rather than tolerate the things he/she just can’t seem to get to or would prefer to have someone else handle.
  • Make better decisions because he/she has a partner to work closely with, to bounce ideas off of, and someone who genuinely believes that the success of his/her business is win/win for both.
  • By partnering with a VA, a successful individual will give away some of the things which really don’t need to be handled by him/her. In the process, space is created to focus on growing/improving businesses, marketing, and developing relationships.


Paragraph #5: What do your clients do? This is a good place to say that you like to work with successful professionals. Ask for a referral here. I appreciate my current clients, colleagues, and friends to recognize a good “match” and make mutually beneficial referrals.


Paragraph #6: Some things that I do as a VA are: (Tell what you do here)


  • Provide office support – email, snail mail, make/return calls, send/receive faxes, schedule appointments, etc.
  • Research – both traditional and internet.
  • Plan meetings, find professional speakers.
  • Arrange speaking engagements
  • Work with vendors, set up accounts, and establish a relationship with them for my client.
  • Technical work — databases, spreadsheets, presentations, charting, provide software support, etc.


Paragraph #7: Is there anything else you would do, like personal mailings, card writings, gift purchasing? Will you investigate a good real estate agent for your client? Think about daily tasks that could be delegated.


Paragraph #8: Explain that you understand that VAing is a new concept and that reading about Virtual Assistance doesn’t always fully express the depth of what can be accomplished with the support of a masterfully skilled VA. What do you want to happen? Probably an opportunity to speak with the recipient of this letter, right? This way, you can answer this person’s questions. I’ll call you next week to schedule a time to talk.




Your Name

Your Title

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