Passive Income For Virtual Assistants

Attention Virtual Assistants: If You Aren’t “Clocked-In”

You Aren’t Earning Money!

But Let Me Show You How You Can Make Money
Even When You’re NOT Working
on Your Clients’ Projects!

Dear VA,

Did you know that Virtual Assistance is one of the best home-based businesses in the world.

You can make as much as $30-$50 an hour, work a flexible schedule, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, working with whom you wish and on the projects you choose.

But There is a BIG problem with being a Virtual Assistant

This problem is so big, that even highly successful VAs, who have a full practice with as many clients as they can handle and make a lot of money, don’t know a way to solve this problem! They won’t say it (because being a VA is much better than many other home-based businesses, and it certainly beats the 9-5 job!), but they secretly feel trapped!

Why do so many Virtual Assistants feel trapped in their
“Dream Job?”

Because their income is directly related to how many hours a week they work! And once they fill their practice with clients, they are maxed out. They reached the “ceiling” in their income. Certainly they could raise their prices, but you will rarely find a VA who makes over $55 an hour. Taking more clients would mean a complete disaster in your life and work balance (after all, you decided to stay home for a reason!).

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

Hi, my name is Kathy Sparks and I am one of the original Virtual Assistants who graduated from AssistU.

I have worked with many clients, in many different industries, and have created the perfect lifestyle I so much desired. A few years ago, I was struggling with the same issue – I had as many clients as I could take, my income was stable and consistent, but my business had stopped growing.

I was desperately looking for ways to supplement my income and tried many ways to add extra income (without being part of those online “make a million in 60 seconds” scams.)

As a result of my research and working with some savvy clients who helped me find a better way, I was able to develop new sources of income – passive sources of income that any Virtual Assistant can easily set up. If you only knew how you can use what’s sitting right in front of you to start building your passive income now, then some day, you won’t need to depend on being “clocked in.”

So How Can You Add Income To Your Business Without Taking On More Clients?

After years of research, experimenting and trying different ways to supplement my VA income, I discovered many simple strategies that now add hundreds of dollars to my bank account every month. Most of these strategies require almost NO learning curve, because that’s what you already do for your clients.

What I’ve done is put together 17 pages of Passive Income Streams you can get started with right away. Once you see how simple these ideas are, you’ll be amazed why you haven’t done it sooner! You’ll say, “I should have thought of that,” or “I know I can do that!” I’ve even included the step-by-step list of what you need to do to accomplish the project, and real life examples with my personal Passive Income Resource Rolodex!

Here’s what “The Little Blue Book of Hot Ideas” contains:

Where to find content for your E-books

Where to find products you don’t even need to create!

How you can leverage off of what your clients do

What to do with what you know

How to find ideas for your products

How to use what you know to make money without re-inventing the wheel

Step-by-step process for creating a product out of what you already have.

Leverage off of already widely popular and successful programs

Plus I’ve talked one of the leading Passive Income experts to let me give you these special bonuses!

Bonus #1: How to Leverage Your Current Ideas and Products into Multiple revenue Streams

Bonus #2: Will Your Product Sell? How to Create A Frenzy Around Your Products

Bonus #3: 9 Ways to Recycle Your Content for Maximum Payback

Bonus #4: 18 Ways To Sell Your Knowledge

Bonus #5: Why Publish an e-Book? The Biggest Mistakes Authors Make

Bonus #6: The Affiliates Master Course

Bonus #7: How To Write Killer Email Promotions That Get Results

“I’m sorry about the flood of emails, but I just have to tell you that by the end of the 1st tip I was so pleased I bought your book! This is great!”

Take these ideas and launch your own revenue streams and then improve them, use them in more and more ways and watch you dollars grow!

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