If you are going to be a VA, you’ve got to talk about it.

Talking About What You Have to Offer

Once you have decided that becoming a VA is your mission and you sincerely want to pursue this career, it is important to become comfortable with talking about being a VA. Virtual Assistance lends itself to be spoken about. You need to feel free to talk about yourself and your practice. The whole idea is to always have your practice on y our mind and to talk about VAing. You will be able to improve client attraction through conversations with prospects.

Getting people involved in a conversation with you about the benefits of VAing will go a long way in promoting yourself and the benefits that can be gained through a VA partnership. Listen for clues about what a potential client is currently dealing with that is preventing him/her from growing a business. Establish how you can fill this need. Make suggestions about how some of these needs may be handled. What skills and expertise do you have that meets this need?


Know What You Will Bring to The Partnership

Prepare and practice a strong statement about the skills and services you can offer. We all have something unique to offer that sets us apart from everyone else; perhaps it’s your organization, your background or even your personality.

You will use this concept as the base for other parts of your personal marketing efforts.

What Do You Do as a Virtual Assistant?

Here are some suggestions for answering the question, “what do you do?”


It’s Best Not To: 

Right Answer Includes:

Say exactly what you do  A solution to clients’ problems
List a long line of skills and credentials  Ways to make more time for the client
Hard sell  Suggestions on how to complete a project
I do anything you need  Explain a specialty that you love doing


You will need to create a statement and be comfortable saying it and explaining it. Try accomplishing this in one simple sentence. Here are some ideas to get you started creating your statement:


  • What are the problems my prospective client faces?
  • What administrative needs would this prospect give anything to delegate?
  • What beneficial outcome does my client get from the service I provide?


Basics for creating powerful statements:


  •  Use plain English, without technical jargon
  •  Tell what you do and who you do it for
  •  Provide a solution to your clients’ needs


It could be something like:

“I provide entrepreneurs time in the form of services which allows them more time to increase their business and to focus on the things they really love to do. I create a relationship with people who have more things to do than time.”


Personal Statement WorksheetPrepare a statement to answer the question, “Tell me about yourself” that will take approximately two minutes or less to say.

Start with a Beginning: (experiences – overall/recent – maximum of three sentences)

Second, create a transition statement highlighting your strengths (maximum of two sentences)

Finally tell about your current situation (your present situation)

Again, practice this statement until it flows naturally when spoken.