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I am an Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant

My online services range from setting up your online presence, maintaining your web site  to managing your shopping cart, including web creation, videos, audios, graphics, trademarks, copyrights. I’ve worked with coaches, artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs around the world. The best way to see if there is a fit is to talk about your needs :-).

You have four choices when working with me.

  • By the hour at $50/hour
  • Prepaid retainer of at least 5 hours a month – your hourly rate then goes to $45/hr
  • Let me use my outsourcing team to do the projects I feel appropriate and you are charged only $25/hr for the team work, and $50 for my management of the team and the work that I do personally for you. This requires a 5 hour retainer.
  • OR, you can borrow my Outsourcing team for your projects! ONLY $25/hour. You can use them for a simple project, an ongoing project or to build your website! No limitations.

What this does for you is give you a good feel for how it is to work with an outsourced team and IF you want to hire
your own team, that’s okay too.

Normally, when an outsourcing team works with you they require and three month commitment of several hours a month – my method gives you a sample of how things would work, if you could keep them busy for the amount of time you require and you only need to use the hours you need!

Only one stipulation – because they are my team, only I can interface with them, so that would mean that you need to send me your requirements and I would forward it on to the team.

Here are some websites I’m currently working with:

  • many blogs, blog backgrounds, facebook backgrounds, twitter backgrounds
  • Scheduling tweets and blogs
  • – I created using Thinkific – Online interview training center

If you’ve always wanted to try an outsourcing team, but didn’t want to sign up for the requirements, this is a perfect opportunity for you to try it out, get some projects done and see if you can keep them busy enough to have your very own team.

Let’s talk if you feel you are ready to have some help in your business! Contact me at

kathy @

Afternoons are best for me – give me a few options, I’ll pick one and send you my phone number. Help is just around the corner!