Costs Going UpShoppingcart Subscribers – If you want to control the number of contacts in your database, i.e. prevent the number of contacts going over the next increase in payment level, you can manage your shoppingcart database by running a simple report and then taking action. In other words, deleting contacts that are no longer useful to you.

First, determine who you want to keep. I STRONGLY suggest keeping everyone who has made an order with you – you want to know who ordered what, when. So that is a given. Then, if you send out broadcasts and sequence mailings, you want to keep everyone who is still OPTED into their subscription and finally, you want to keep the contact record for all of your affiliates, whether they have purchased or not. So the people left over are the people who have opted in to receive a free something and then have opted not to receive any more emails from you, and who have never bought one of your products. Basically, if you are doing email marketing, there is no need to keep them in your database – you can’t send them an email.

This should work for most shoppingcarts (i.e. 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft) available and is especially important if the next payment level depends on the number of contacts you have. At least you can avoid that increase in cost for as long as you can keep your database under the next level.

by: Kathy Sparks