Create Your Own Assessments to Attract More Clients

If you think assessments should only be used with existing clients, you may be in for a surprise! Assessments can also be effectively used in building your prospect database and attracting more new clients, right from your web site and your social media accounts.

Why are assessments so powerful?

Because they captivate and educate your prospects, and are fun to take!

I have personally received at least fifty e-mails from friends and colleagues last year, referring me to various self-assessment web sites! I could find out what my IQ was, what type of personality I have, if I’m a good candidate to be a franchisee or whether business ownership is for me, what career I’m most suited for, just to name a few.

c30ae449b5fed2b8ba38a535_1920Imagine hundreds or thousands of people sending their friends and relatives to your web site or sharing your assessment with their social media contacts! Nothing else will make people spread the word about your web site faster than a free assessment!

While many coaches and consultants already have assessments on their web sites, most of them are offered in PDF or Microsoft Word format. So the only way to complete these assessments is to print them out and manually fill in the blanks. Just imagine automating your career assessments or automatically score your skills assessments!

Your existing clients won’t mind doing it, but your prospects may think it’s too much of a hassle. Keeping this in mind, I developed a tool that instantly solves this problem! allows you to create automated self-scoring assessments, which you can add to your web site, link in your email signature line, send to your social media contacts in just minutes!

Now, we’re not talking about a complicated assessment that takes an hour to complete. The ones you create with the Assessment Generator are simple and straight-forward. Their goal is to captivate your prospects, and get them excited about your web site and your offer enough to buy from you!

There are two types of assessments, which you can create with Assessment Generator: assessment scored as one or “type-based” scored by individual categories or types that you set up such as a personality quiz.

Self-scoring assessments are fun, and are excellent for driving targeted traffic to your web site. People love them so much, they’ll send everyone they know to your web site!

Here is how a self-scoring assessment works. Your web site visitors read each statement and check those that apply to them. They can also rank each statement on a scale of one to five, to indicate how much they agree with a statement.

For example, here are a few statements from the “Marketing-Wise Assessment”, which you can see on the samples page at

• I track most of my marketing activities & know how my clients find me

• I publish a newsletter at least once a month

• My prospects clearly understand what I do and how I can help them

Here are few more statements, taken from the “Stress-Level Quiz”:

• I smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes a day

• I do something for fun at least once a week

• I have at least one relative within 50 miles on whom I can rely

After they’ve completed an assessment, your prospects can view their score and its interpretation, which you type in when you create the assessment. The results are then e-mailed to both you and the assessment taker. If you use autoresponders, you can also follow up with each prospect as many times as you wish, until they become a client.

The possibilities for using self-scoring assessments are endless! Here are just a few topics to get your imagination going:

1) “Self-Confidence Assessment” will help your visitors find out what their level of self-confidence is, and what they can do to improve it.

2) “Midlife Crisis Assessment” will tell your prospects if they’re really going through a mid-life crisis, and how they can overcome it.

3) “Healthy Eater Assessment” will help people understand their eating habits better, and whether or not they need to make a change in their eating patterns.

4) “Should I Hire a Web Designer Assessment” will help your visitors make a decision about their abilities to create and take care of a web site.

5) “How Child-Proof is My Home Assessment” will tell parents how ready they are for a child in their house, and how to keep their child safe.

P.S. You can get my free list of 200 ideas for using assessments in your business right now by visiting

As you can see, a self-scoring assessment can be created for ANY type of business, on any topic. Another type of an assessment you can create is “Narrative”. You ask questions, prospects fill in the answers, and you receive them in the e-mail and in your personal account.

While a narrative assessment works just like any feedback form, there is an incredible benefit to creating them with Assessment Generator. They are so easy to create and add to your web site, you can do it yourself within 5 minutes! Webmasters will charge you as much as $150 to add a questionnaire form to your site. With Assessment Generator you can create as many mail forms as you want, using this simple assessment wizard. And if you decide something needs to be changed on your form or assessment, you just log into your account, make the quick change and wa-la – it is dynamically updated – no need to add the whole form or assessment to your website – no need to contact your web master. Saves money and time!

Just click on “Free Test Drive” and see for yourself – you’ll use them for everything! Seminar registrations, customer surveys, free consultation requests, complementary coaching sessions, webinar invitations, teleseminar invitations and much much more!