Posted by my friend, Kristy Schnabel, Cer­ti­fied Social Media Man­ager with the Social Media Man­ager School. Kristy works with entrepreneurs to boost their online businesses. Kristy is the founder of It’s Virtually Done.


Maybe you’re questioning the value of your social media in your business planning. You might ask yourself,

“Why am I doing social media again?”

 Answer: to show up.





Woody’s right. It’s the no-shows that fall by the wayside. You need to be in front of people for them to remember you and the help you offer.

But you want more than that — you want to know HOW to show up, which brings me to my:

 6 B’s of Social Media

  1.      Be clear on your message. Know your brand — what it is you’re known for — and deliver that message consistently.
  2.      Be aware of your ideal client’s needs. How can you make their life easier?
  3.      Be yourself. You want to be an integral part of your social media to bring your unique personal self to your audience. This creates relationships.
  4.      Be helpful. Bring value by giving your audience a ton of helpful information, which incidentally, will build their trust.
  5.      Be gracious. Read, like, comment on other people’s posts, and give credit where it’s due by sharing and tagging them when you share their content.
  6.      Be consistent. Schedule time for your social media as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

That’s your base (another B), and from there you build (okay, now I have too many) your content and share it around driving traffic to your website where people can connect with you further (and buy your stuff!).

I’m socially yours!