Want to learn how you can eliminate most of the long, detailed telephone calls and lengthy emails explaining and vetting prospects by providing a simple link? This link is your vehicle to quickly gather all of the needed information from the prospects BEFORE you even respond to their voice message and email.

What is this method? – Assessments. Assessments are being used in a variety of ways throughout the coaching, career, employment, health, and even to test employees’ knowledge about the jobs they are doing. Jobs like customer service, software knowledge, hardware knowledge, management style, and what type of career a person would be most suited for can be tested and analyzed by giving a simple assessment. Think about all of the forms and questionnaires that you send manually to have people fill out so that you can get to know them better.

Quick Start Idea #1:

How to Attract More Clients Without Giving Away Complimentary Sessions

 “Stop giving away your time!” said Terri Levine, the founder of ComprehensiveCoachingU and one of the super coaches today!”

Are you still giving away complimentary sessions to prospects?

Do you find this activity to be too time-consuming, and not productive enough?  Then maybe it is time to find a new way to attract clients.

There is something you can offer to prospects that is both, highly valuable and doesn’t require weeks or months to create.  Something they just can’t refuse, and will tell everyone they know about it!

I am talking about a free assessment, custom developed by you!  Assessments are a great way to get prospects interested in your services, while saving you a lot of time and frustration.  Even if you want to continue offering complimentary sessions, you will now be able to carefully screen each prospect before takingQuality Leads the call.

Why give away your time to those who are not serious about working with you?

You can use your current intake forms and questionnaires to create your own assessments to use for attracting new clients, screening prospects, testing existing clients, and simplifying the way your business operates.

This tool has been specifically developed for those who want to spend less time looking for prospects, and more time working with clients.  There are many different types of assessments you can create with this tool:

You can create assessments that give one score for the entire assessment, or a “type” based or “category” type assessment that scores based on specific types, for instance, personality types or knowledge level.

1) “Checkbox” assessment allows users to check the items that apply to them and receive an instant score as a result.

2) “Scale 1-5” assessment allows users to choose how much a statement applies to them, on a scale of 1-5, and instantly view the results of the assessment.

3) “Scale 1-10” assessment allows a wider scale.

4) “Narrative” assessment allows you to ask open-ended questions, and collect information from a prospect or a client.

5) “True or False Quiz” can be used to test your visitors and clients on various subjects.

6) “Multiple Choice” assessment should be used for testing your prospects by giving them pre-determined answers to choose from. Or give each answer a point value with the best answer the highest point.

7) “Yes/No/Maybe” assessment

8) “Yes/No/Sometimes” assessment

9) “Mixed” type assessment allows you to build a combination of the above types, giving you an incredible flexibility in the assessments you can create and instantly receive a score.

 Don’t forget to download your copy of 200 Ways To Use Assessments In Your Business!

Kathy Sparks
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