The critical need of each potential client is to be understood and to have trust in you. Our clients and prospects expect us to ask questions and to be clear about their needs. VA skills, each in their own way, assist you in understanding your client’s needs and your client needs to know he/she is being understood.


  • Listen – listening to your client is one of the greatest gifts that you will give them.
  • Ask questions, lots of questions to make sure you understand what it is your prospective client or client wants to know or you to do. Repeat back to your client what you thought you heard.
  • Your job is to uncover what your client’s needs are. Help your clients “shake the dust off” what is really needed by making inquiries.
  • If there is a schedule conflict, inform your client immediately and give them a time when the project will be completed.
  • If you say it will be done, get it done on time or earlier.
  • If you have a problem completing the task, inform your client.
  • If you don’t know how to do a project, tell your client, and suggest another resource or suggest that you will learn. Offer an alternative resource.
  • If you are going to be out for the day, let your client know ahead of time.


Create trust by going digital

Action eMail Signatures


This is an easy one and very effective. Just add contact information and/or a brief promotional message to the signature of your emails.


Mine looks like this:


Kathy Sparks, Professional Virtual Assistant

Online Business Management
Working virtually to create time for you in reality.


These hotlinks give readers an immediate link to more info. Use this space to say whatever you want. You can have this signature automatically placed at the end of every email. If you are not sure how to create a signature, check the help file of your email program.


  • ezines and Online Newsletters: These are probably the best vehicle for adding value to your business or your client’s business. Ezines or newsletters are electronic magazines in a shortened format. They give the reader a tip, idea, or thought to ponder. Once you create an ezine, you can promote it free in several places.
  • Don’t try to “sell the ranch” or do too much self-promotion. A little of your expertise creates trust in your community. Be professional.
  • Websites: Yours and others. Websites are your digital brochure and can be much more. As a brochure you’re able to provide more information than you would in a printed piece. Your website is a living document with the ability to be changed and updated whenever you choose. It is important to keep it up to date.
  • For a starter website, visit: where you can register your domain name, and have the ability to create a web site using templates, especially if you do not have the ability to build your own web site. It is an easy step by step process. You even receive your own email plus several free services.   Remember to consider the “blink test” – that means you need to tell your visitors what you do in about eight seconds – before they blink and go away.


A Big Plus! You can have presence on the Internet quickly and easily with a few pages of text. This is a good option when you are not ready to create a large or complex site, register your own domain name, or think your content might change as you grow and evolve your business in its first year. This is also good when you have a small amount of content to share.


The Light Bulb Has Brightened! A VA partnership starts once people are clear about their needs and objectives and understand what a VA can accomplish for them, as well as when they agree to be supported. However, once your client decides what they want, they may not know exactly what to do next. Here you can enjoy the job of detailing to your client how you can support them based on their goals, projects and ideas.


It’s a Win/Win! If you are assisting your client in moving forward in a positive way by handling tasks, which keep them from being focused on their bottom line, you will build a successful partnership. When your client knows you are behind them, they will trust you with more and more important projects. With this, they may delegate more than they ever thought possible.


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