Clients want VA services to affect an end result. People buy benefits, not features. Bottom line, they buy:

  •  More time for themselves
  •  Solutions to their problems
  •  Freedom to move forward in their work
  •  Credibility
  •  Value, not price
  •  Convenience
  •  Improve their bottom line (money)

Find the area where you can help and show them how you are able to help.

Ask them questions about how they are spending their time, what they are doing that they wish someone else would handle. Let them talk and you ask more questions. Allow them to talk and they will talk themselves right into understanding that a VA partnership with you is just what they were looking for! It really is a simple concept. It takes some practice, but with more practice but the job gets easier and then it becomes fun.


Who Do You Want Your Clients to Be?

Your clients’ needs must reflect your background and your experience. You have a unique set of skills to bring to the market. These skills and experiences are what are attractive to certain clients. With this in mind you must focus on bringing clients to your practice that require your area of expertise.

Take a few moments to identify and list good client matches that suit your skills and experience. Use the following worksheet to work up a client match that is suited for your skills. These will be your preferred clients.

Your Skills

Prospective Clients

Database expert

  Contact database requirements, such as ACT! (Sales & marketing professionals, coaches)

Spreadsheet expertise

  Engineers, accountants, financial consultants, coaches

Word processing

  Writers, editors, sales professionals, training consultants, coaches


  Small business owners, financial professionals

Web Design

  Small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches

Graphics Design

  Web designers, small businesses


  Personal coaches, web site owners, sales professionals

Internet Research

  Corporate clients, writers, marketing professionals, coaches

Hardware/Software expert

  Small business owners, entrepreneurs


  Personal and professional coaches, small businesses

Social Media

  Personal and professional coaches, small businesses

PowerPoint Presentations

  Personal and professional coaches

Keep in mind: 

  •  The specific type of work you want to do. Do what you find fun.
  • Your soft skills, including your personality, work methods, your ability to focus and your organization skills
  •   Clients profession and title
  • Geographic area should not be a consideration, however, many potential clients feel more comfortable when their VA is in the same proximity of the client’s location.
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to working with International clients. Of course there is a major time difference. Having said that, that can be an advantage for the client, giving him or her 1) a presence in the market where you are and 2) appearing to be a 24/7 company.

Make a list of your preferred clients on your worksheet

 Now you have the basis for who you should focus on as your preferred client. Put the concept of who your client is into a paragraph.




My preferred client is a high level sales consultant for the software industry. These consultants work a regional area typically in remote locations from the parent company.


Now, identify how you would market to this client. Questions to consider:


  •  What are the obvious time consuming projects in these types of businesses?
  •  What expertise do you have that they need?
  • What are the best ways to tell them about your services? Keep in mind these should be easy and inexpensive.
  • What image will make them want to do business with you?
  • Write in one paragraph the answers to these questions regarding your preferred client.


The greatest problem my preferred client faces is the availability of qualified support and the time needed to support his/her current clients, handling sales calls, follow up calls, responding to email and other office administration tasks. My preferred client does not want to hire and manage employees or purchase office equipment. I will be able to reach these people through networking with business contacts and referrals. I must be professional, innovative and flexible to work with this client.

 Write your paragraph on your worksheet

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