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Maintaining and Sustaining Your VA Partnerships

As you get comfortable in your new business, you must continue to work on your business. Take more and more chances in your verbal suggestions to enhance your client’s confidence in your ability.   Ask clients to offload more and more tasks.   All things are a "go"...

Adding It All Up – Congratulations!

You have worked your way through The Virtual Assistant Training Guide   This isn’t the time to stop.   You’ve determined that you want to become a VA, you know that you have the expertise and the equipment, and I sincerely hope you have found your best methods to...

How are you WOWing Your Clients?

Being a great VA or Online Business Manager is certainly an accomplishment! I know the feeling - "wow, Kathy, I couldn't have done that," or "how do you know all of the steps to create an online system." If you are like me, you love hearing those comments - especially...

How Much Time Does “It” Take?

Guilty of Making Assumptions About How Much Time It Takes To…?

Working in a virtual business partnership presents daily opportunities to second guess the amount of time needed for our partner to complete a project or get back on an issue or respond to an email or to type the document. Remember, just because one partner is working on the project, doesn’t mean that the other partner must be working on it at the same time. Schedules and priorities are different.

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